Step 2: authentic Storytelling 

From pre-production to production to post-production, we have you covered. With our full-service creative team, we produce custom digital content (videos, trailers, social videos, and more) to form the center of your content marketing campaign.  


We will fully develop story concepts based on consultation, trends and market research. A detailed production plan will be developed to ensure an efficient filming process. 



Our team will travel to the filming location and supervise all production processes.  All filming gear and film crew are included in GLP's in-house production team.  Custom content will be developed for a variety of digital platforms and available to you.  Content options include short-videos, trailers, reels, social content and more.



After filming, we will supervise all stages of the editing process. Each film will go through multiple rounds of editing in order to ensure the highest quality film and any client revisions.  Final deliverables include all music, graphics, and optional voiceover and translations.