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Accidental Success: An Emerging Destination & Stakeholder Collaboration

Kosovo Rising was soft-launched on social media this past May with an overwhelming response. This was the result of an uncoordinated effort from stakeholders across Kosovo’s tourism supply chain. What can we learn from this accidental success?


#trumpslump - can we rewrite the story?

As we head into the Summer travel season in the United States, the tourism industry is facing a new challenge - projected decline in tourism caused by the recent #TrumpSlump. We have some ideas for how to combat this emerging trend by using some content marketing strategies. 


2017 Content marketing trends for the travel industry

Content marketing is a key tool in the industry to promote products direct to consumers and the trade. We looked at several 2017 content marketing trend reports as well as calling on our own experiences, and came up with a short-list of trends to help drive your content marketing strategy.


measuring the ROI of storytelling

Measuring the ROI or Return On Investment of storytelling is a powerful tool, but oftentimes it becomes the most challenging component of any content marketing campaign. Here's some tips on how to measure the ROI of a storytelling campaign.



How Can Your Marketing Plan Support 2017 Sustainable Tourism Goals?

2017 is UNWTO's International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, a year to reflect on how far the travel industry has come and how much still needs to be improved. We take a look at how a marketing plan can play a positive role in sustainable tourism efforts.

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storytelling + content marketing strategies for the travel industry

In December 2016, GLP Films contributed to PATA's Connected Visitor Economy Bulletin. This report contains in-house expertise and current research on the science of storytelling, destination development, sustainability and marketing strategies.