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when Authentic storytelling is not enough

At GLP Films, we strive to improve our storytelling and marketing strategies to push the travel industry forward. So, when we received a comment from a YouTube follower that our Raja Ampat video is “contributing to the demise of this beautiful area…”, we took that comment to heart. Here's our updated sustainable tourism marketing strategy.


How to Choose the Best Travel Writer

Travel writers play a critical role in any travel brand’s earned media campaigns. By working with a talented and connected writer, travel brands can cost effectively reach a target audience. However, not all writers are created equal. Since a writer is your marketing megaphone, it is important to work with someone that is invested in a destination’s long-term sustainability.


Can influencers save the travel industry from the woes of geotagging?

Geotagging drives foot traffic. Just look at the beaches of Boracay for an example of how GPS-located metadata on social media has the potential to skyrocket tourism to unmanageable heights. Some are calling it “loving nature to death.” We’re calling it an opportunity to push the travel industry in the right direction. By tapping into social media influencers’ engaged and loyal audiences, we can get ahead of overtourism.


How To Attract The High-Value Traveler on Instagram

A tourism-driven economy can be successful without a marketing strategy that is dependent on the continuous upward arrow of inbound travelers. How? Through a low volume, high-yield approach of destination management, supported by a smart marketing strategy that includes Instagram micro-influencers and a target audience.


10 Marketing Tips on how to communicate Resiliency

We’ve all seen it, a destination experiences a tragedy - natural disasters, war, economic problems... Then, global media outlets start to spread the word, bookings decrease and tourism drops dramatically. Negative or inaccurate press about the state of tourism economy in a destination can be a challenging uphill battle. However, marketing can very quickly provide solutions to change global traveler perceptions and help market that a destination is "open for business".


2018 Content Marketing Trends for the Travel Industry

The travel industry, more than most, understands the power of high quality, thought-provoking, and relevant content to connect with today’s travel consumers. Staying on top of the trends is crucial in keeping up with the ever-evolving content marketing landscape. To save you some time, we’ve pulled together 2018 marketing trends that matter most to the travel industry.


6 Content Marketing Strategies For the Millennial Travel Market

Millennial travelers are the largest generation to date, value travel above purchasing a home, and have the wealth to take them around the globe. But it's not that easy to get this group's attention and wallet. We're sharing a researched strategy on how best to capture the millennial market through targeted marketing, technology, storytelling and more.


A Quick Guide to SEo for the Travel Industry

Today’s travelers are heading online to do most of their trip research, planning, and booking. So, landing that top spot in the search engine results is becoming increasingly more valuable and competitive. We share three methods to improve your ranking signals and how travel SEO can easily fit into your content marketing strategy.

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Are Influencers an Effective Tool for Marketing Travel?

Influencers have been a buzzword for marketing strategists in the travel industry for a number of years. We’ve all seen influencer posts - the inspiring landscapes, beautiful faces and of course a heavy dose of hashtags, likes and comments. But not all influencers are created equal. Explore best practices to effectively integrate influencers into your marketing campaign.

Accidental Success: An Emerging Destination & Stakeholder Collaboration

Kosovo Rising was soft-launched on social media this past May with an overwhelming response. This was the result of an uncoordinated effort from stakeholders across Kosovo’s tourism supply chain. What can we learn from this accidental success?


#trumpslump - can we rewrite the story?

As we head into the Summer travel season in the United States, the tourism industry is facing a new challenge - projected decline in tourism caused by the recent #TrumpSlump. We have some ideas for how to combat this emerging trend by using some content marketing strategies. 


2017 Content marketing trends for the travel industry

Content marketing is a key tool in the industry to promote products direct to consumers and the trade. We looked at several 2017 content marketing trend reports as well as calling on our own experiences, and came up with a short-list of trends to help drive your content marketing strategy.


measuring the ROI of storytelling

Measuring the ROI or Return On Investment of storytelling is a powerful tool, but oftentimes it becomes the most challenging component of any content marketing campaign. Here's some tips on how to measure the ROI of a storytelling campaign.



How Can Your Marketing Plan Support 2017 Sustainable Tourism Goals?

2017 is UNWTO's International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, a year to reflect on how far the travel industry has come and how much still needs to be improved. We take a look at how a marketing plan can play a positive role in sustainable tourism efforts.

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storytelling + content marketing strategies for the travel industry

In December 2016, GLP Films contributed to PATA's Connected Visitor Economy Bulletin. This report contains in-house expertise and current research on the science of storytelling, destination development, sustainability and marketing strategies.