GLP Films Presents “120-Seconds” Video Series

GLP Films celebrates their 10th Anniversary with the launch of an inspiring new video series spanning a decade of work.  “120 Seconds to Change the World” is an ambitious collection of new videos aimed to celebrate and inspire through the untold stories of the change-makers behind GLP's most impactful films. 


Video #2:  Pierre Thiam

Location: Senegal / Brooklyn

Partner: Pierre Thiam

Keywords: #foodtravel #Senegal #africanfood #bethechange

Chef Pierre Thiam is a citizen of two worlds—born in Senegal, it wasn't until the kitchens of Brooklyn, NY that he found his stride. This story reveals how a Senegalese chef shattered cultural stigmas around men in the kitchen while also managing to introduce an often overlooked African cuisine and culture to the world stage through the universal language of food.

Video #1:  ROSmarie ruf

Location: DR Congo (Central AFRICA)

Partner: Okapi Conservation Project

Keywords: #womenPower #CONGO #WILDLIFEconservation #okapi #bethechange

For the past three decades, Rosmarie Ruf has dedicated her life to protecting the endangered okapi endemic to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Given the country’s instability and share of challenges, some would say it is no place for a woman. But after the passing of her husband, Rosmarie stepped into the role of Director of the Okapi Conservation Project and has quietly become the Jane Goodall of okapi conservation. Although she says the okapi are the ones that saved her, Rosmarie just might be the unsung hero to save these ‘ghosts of the forest.’


video # 3 - coming January 2019



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