Case Studies in Travel, Storytelling & Sustainability

Our clients have moved beyond traditional advertising and images to create successful campaigns that compel audiences to seek out their authentic experiences. 


Travel Trade Partnerships Lead to Increase in Sales

SeaTrek Sailing Adventures, an inbound operator with headquarters in Bali, Indonesia, reached out to GLP Films to help increase their travel trade presence, boost their partnerships and ultimately increase sales. SeaTrek knows they have an incredible list of experiences to offer in Eastern Indonesia, but the word isn’t out to the rest of the travel trade industry.


storytelling fuels destination branding campaign

GNTA enlisted the help of GLP Films to increase global consumer and travel trade awareness of the incredible adventure, culture and culinary travel experiences throughout the country of Georgia. GNTA wanted to reflect the country’s passion and excitement through a series of films that told the story of Georgians that are uniquely connected to the travel industry. In just 6 weeks, Georgia videos topped 6.5 million views, 47 million consumer reach and 365K travel industry network reach.


leveraging brand vision with earned media

The team at LifeStraw wanted to create a series of films to fulfill several goals centered around their core mission and values. Through the lens of inspirational character stories, LifeStraw effectively communicated their brand ethos beyond the product. GLP developed a media plan prioritizing earned media placement as a cost-effective distribution strategy to reach LifeStraw’s target audience.


increasing consumer engagement with video

Mountain Lodges of Peru (MLP) contacted GLP Films to reposition their signature product (Salkantay Trek) as a leading adventure product, and increase their sales and website traffic. MLP wanted to connect with their target audeince and convey what the trek was really like.  GLP produced a series of short films using authentic character-driven storytelling and a targeted 12-month marketing campaign. MLP saw an increase in sales, web traffic, and was awarded the #1 adventure travel trade film.  


Using Storytelling to Promote Sustainability Practices

Mexico Tourism Board enlisted the support of GLP Films to spotlight responsible and sustainable tourism brands, hotels, and operators within the diverse destination of Mexico.  In order to highlight best practices across the country, GLP produced a series of short-films ranging from luxury travel in the Yucatan Peninsula to community-based tourism in rural mountain villages. The series of short-films was showcased at the COP16 Climate Change conference, shown at 20 film events across North America and featured in leading travel media outlets.


inspiring film series with National Geographic

National Geographic was looking for authentic, story-driven content from diverse locations around the globe. Specifically, National Geographic wanted to focus on films that highlighted human interest, travel, and newsworthy stories. GLP Films produced a collection of short-films for National Geographic from 2014 through 2016 from diverse locations around the globe, including: India, Senegal, Bolivia and Peru. We continue to partner with National Geographic on story-driven content projects and content marketing campaigns.