Tour Operator Increases Website Traffic & Sales with Video

Case Study - Mountain Lodges of Peru


in brief

Mountain Lodges of Peru (MLP) contacted GLP Films to help reposition their signature product (Salkantay Trek) as a leading adventure product, and increase their sales and website traffic. Also, they wanted to tell an authentic story that conveyed what the trek was really like, and connect with their target audience through the spiritual, physical, and mental journey of the trek. MLP knew they had an incredible story to tell and a destination that would compel travelers, but they needed help putting this story together and connecting with the right audience.  

Our solution

We produced a series of videos and digital content with two primary goals: reposition MLP and their signature product in the adventure travel market, and increase website traffic and sales. For our content marketing campaign with MLP, we specifically looked at the growth in website traffic and growth in bookings.  These metrics were collected over the course of a 12-month campaign and compared to year over year data to ultimately determine the ROI of the campaign.


We wanted to capture the experience and emotion that comes with the Salkantay Trek. There is nothing like being surrounded by snow-capped peaks, incredible flora and fauna, and enriching culture and then returning to a warm and inviting home base where you can relax and share your day’s stories with everyone. GLP was the best partner to narrate and distribute these stories in a visual and authentic way.
— Enrique Umbert Jr., General Manager of Mountain Lodges of Peru


The qualitative results told us how well we were meeting our goal to re-position MLP and their product as leaders in the adventure travel space. We looked at consumer surveys and comments via social media to determine the overall shift in brand perception and likability among consumers.  We also went straight to the travel trade for the ultimate peer to peer review by entering our signature film from the campaign into the annual Adventure Travel Trade Association’s film contest.

Winning the 1st Place Award voted by over 800 travel industry peers fulfilled our initial goal, elevating MLP as a leader in the adventure travel market.  Additionally, campaign results exceeded initial sales and website traffic goals:

          ROI results from Mountain Lodges of Peru 12-month marketing campaign.

          ROI results from Mountain Lodges of Peru 12-month marketing campaign.


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