Oscillation Transia Film Festival Hits the Road with GLP's Award-Winning Tierra del Fuego Film

The Oscillation Transia Film Festival is a non-profit organization, exploring the intersection of solar energy application and environmental awareness through the art of film. Their mobile film festival, which is touring through Fall 2018, is designed to bring the public together to experience and discuss environmental awareness through low-impact outdoor cinema.

With the mission to self-sustainably travel America while sharing innovative films, the Oscillation Transia Film Festival is currently on its 2018 solar-powered tour around the United States' most unique and uncharted locations.

In 2016, Founder Jess Giacobbe envisioned a new kind of film festival, one that is entirely self-contained and autonomous in nature. To help realize this vision, Festival Engineer Austin Krause designed and constructed a solar generator system that, while traveling down the road, harnesses and stores enough energy from the sun to set up professional grade film screenings just about anywhere. The event is in its second year.

The 2018 Oscillation Transia Film Festival features GLP Films' award-winning film, "The Man at the End of the World." The film highlights the beautiful and mysterious landscape of Tierra del Fuego, Chile through the lens of one of its original pioneers, Don Germán. He and his wife live on the scenic shores of Lago Fagnano, a location ripe for tourism, but on the brink of major government-sponsored development.

Filmmakers to be featured at the 2018 Oscillation Transia Film Festival include:

GLP Films (USA)
Hugo Lemant (France)
Gnarly Bay | Forest Woodward | Brendan Leonard (USA)
Andy Miller (USA)
Stephanie Barber (USA)
Mariano Renteria Garnica (Mexico)
Jacques Naude (South Africa)
Duncan Wolfe | The Collective Quarterly (USA)
Cheyne Lempe (USA)
John Barlow (United Kingdom)


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2018 Schedule:


8/14 - Chico Hot Springs  |   Pray, MT

8/19 - * Special Screening * @ The Roxy | Missoula, MT


9/8 - Northern Lights Saloon  |   Polebridge, MT

9/TBA - Bigfork Market, Bigfork MT

9/TBA - TBA |  Portland, OR

9/25 - Reeve Wines | Healdsburg, CA

Film Festival.png

9/29 - Mowkeef Festival @ Anderson Valley Brewing | Boonville, CA


10/5 - Farmer and the Cook | Ojai, CA

0/14 - Truckland Marfa | Marfa, TX

0/17 - The Capulet | New Orleans, LA

0/20 - Spectre | Milbrook, AL

0/24 - Snaggy Mountain | Burnsville, NC


The event includes a free one-hour solar workshop and a 90-minute film screening.  Seating and fresh water will be provided at each event. For specific ticket information and directions to the venue nearest you, view the 2018 Schedule.

More information about the Oscillation Transia Film Festival can be found at www.oscillationtransiafilmfestival.com.


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