SeaTrek & Raja Ampat - Adventure Awaits in the Last Paradise 

Join SeaTrek Sailing Adventures to discover the untouched Raja Ampat archipelago in Indonesia. SeaTrek Sailing Adventures is the premier motor-sailing operator in eastern Indonesia, with over 30 years of cruising experience. Work with this award-winning tour operator to offer a life-changing voyage of discovery.  


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Raja Ampat

Described as the ‘Last Paradise on Earth’, Raja Ampat National Park straddles the Equator off the northwestern tip of Indonesian Papua, in the heart of the Coral Triangle. Raja Ampat is a globally-significant biodiversity hotspot, presenting a wealth of marine life, wildlife and exotic birds, as well as a vibrant culture and network of local villages. It’s not surprising that the famed naturalist, Alfred Russel Wallace, did extensive fieldwork here during the 19th century.

Wildlife and nature

Many of the fish, corals and crustaceans that live in these waters are found nowhere else in the world, making Raja Ampat an exceptional snorkeling destination. Dolphins, dugong, manta rays, whales and cuscus can also be seen, and the splendor of Raja Ampat’s rainforests, white-sand beaches, deep-water lagoons and underwater world is astounding. 

Liveaboard Steeped in Luxury and Tradition

Due to Raja Ampat’s size, the best way to see it is by ship, with the traditional wooden pinisi boats of Indonesia being the most popular for cruising the many islands of Raja Ampat. Intimate, enchanting and low to the water, the vessels have highly-trained professional crews and multilingual tour guides, and offer a variety of unique experiences for those looking to explore the natural wonder of the islands and reefs. All ships include updated safety equipment, comfortable cabin and shared space, and the amenities needed for a carefree experience. 


SeaTrek Sailing Adventures offers a variety of ways to experience Raja Ampat in 10-12 day small boat cruises. Expeditions range from action-packed adventures to an expert-led cruise to learn more about unique biodiversity and history of the region. Here's just a glimpse of some of the trips offered in 2018 and 2019:

  • Raja Ampat Action and Adventure - geared towards an active and nature-loving crowd, this 10-day cruise is packed with fun ways to explore this marine wonderland. 
  • Wallace Trails and Sails with Dr. George Beccaloni - an expert-led cruise from Ambol to Sorong explores biodiversity on land and water. 
  • Jewels of Raja Ampat - a 10-day cruise exploring Raja Ampat that will engage all adventurers and nature-lovers. 
  • Papua’s Whale Sharks and Birds of Paradise - a 10-day journey that combined the beauty of Raja Ampat with the pure magic of snorkeling with whale sharks.

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SeaTrek Sailing Adventures is a high caliber team of travel industry professionals with a head office located in Denpasar, Bali. The team at SeaTrek provides the highest quality adventure cruising opportunities while responsibly supporting local economic opportunities, respecting the local culture and protecting the environment. 

Contact Michael Travers, Marketing & Communications Director or click on the link below to see a detailed list of offerings in Raja Ampat. SeaTrek Sailing Adventures offers a competitive commission program for travel agents and qualified resellers.