Authentic Storytelling Fuels 7 Million Video Views

Case Study - Georgia National Tourism Administration


In Brief:

Georgia National Tourism Administration (GNTA) enlisted the help of GLP Films to support in the implementation of their destination rebranding campaign. By using the brand vision as the foundation of all things storytelling, the goal of the marketing and distribution campaign was to: increase global consumer and travel trade awareness of the incredible adventure, culture and culinary travel experiences throughout the country of Georgia. GNTA wanted to reflect the country’s passion and excitement through a series of films that told the story of Georgians that are uniquely connected to the travel industry. Georgians know that their country is one of the best kept secrets around the world, so they wanted to tell their story in a way that responsibly markets the incredible travel experiences.


Our Solution:

Using authentic character-driven storytelling, GLP Films produced a series of videos and digital content that best reflected Georgia’s authentic adventure, culture and culinary travel experiences. We wanted to increase exposure of Georgia’s tourism offerings and the true “emotions” of Georgia to their target audiences - travelers seeking unique and meaningful experiences. The first video, “Georgia: Adventure for the Soul,” shows how adventure is uniquely intertwined with the country’s rich cultural history, through the stories of local guides. The second video, “Georgia: Feast for the Senses,” takes viewers on a journey to experience Georgia's 8,000-year-old winemaking traditions, cross-border culinary fusions, and their UNESCO recognized polyphonic singing.


The results:

In just 6 weeks after the campaign launched, video views reached 6.5 million, with 47 million potential consumer impressions and 365K travel trade network reach. Video views continue to climb and have surpassed 7 million views and counting. GLP Films was able to achieve lofty goals in a short time-frame through a number of strategies.

Georgia Case Study graphic.png

Responsible Destination Marketing Means Promoting the Experience, Not the Place

The travel industry is in an age of overtourism, which means marketing a specific place can quickly lead to “loving nature to death.” Our films focused more on culinary, cultural and adventure experiences that could take place all over Georgia, rather than a specific restaurant or geolocation. We targeted the adventure and food travel industries, as these travelers tend to travel more responsibly and are more apt to want an authentic local experience.

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Authentic Character-Driven Storytelling Drives Passion

In just 6 days, the “Georgia: Feast for the Senses” video went viral on Facebook with 600,000 views and 36,000 engagements. A majority of the shares came from consumers (travelers) and the travel trade. We contribute this social media success story to our suite of digital content that uses authentic character-driven storytelling as the basis. This type of strategic storytelling aligns with key travel themes and emotionally connects the audience to the experience. The campaign continued to build upon this success with further media pickups across travel, adventure, and food-related media outlets, expanding the overall campaign reach to 6.5 million views and 47 million potential impressions.


Short-list of Media Placements


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