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GLP is an award-winning storytelling film production company having produced 200 films from 30 countries across North America, Latin America, Asia and Africa. These films have led to awards from several film festivals over the past nine years. Here are some examples of our most recent work.



LifeStraw, a global leader in developing innovative filtration and purification products for safe drinking water, recently completed its third annual Follow the Liters campaign in western Kenya, successfully providing sustainable access to safe drinking water to more than 625,000 school children.  To celebrate this major milestone, LifeStraw partnered with GLP Films to produce a short-film honoring the women in Kenya that work year-round to make the program possible.



UNWTO - International Year of sustainable tourism for development

GLP Films partnered with the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) to create a short-film that inspires awareness and action for the 2017 International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development (IYSTD). We used footage from around the globe and educational messaging to craft this short inspirational film.




Salkantay Inca Trail - The Ultimate Trek to Machu Picchu

Embark on a 7-day lodge-to-lodge trek into the far reaches of Peru’s Vilcabamba mountains, along the lesser-known ancient footpath to the lost city of the Incas — the Salkantay route.

This award-winning film (1st place in the ATTA's 2016 Adventure in Motion Film Contest) was produced by GLP Films in partnership with Mountain Lodges of Peru to support their signature adventure trek to Machu Picchu.


A Life inspired Series: Give & Take

Follow Bill Yeo, a life-long adventurer and philanthropist who has traded his life of exploring the world's most remote and wild landscapes for the simple life in rural Maine. His life, past and present, exemplifies the spirit of exploration, mindful living, and giving back to the community -- attributes that define the LifeStraw brand and mission.

This character-driven film was produced by GLP Films in partnership with LifeStraw. It's the first film in the four-part A Life Inspired series for Lifestraw.


Kosovo Rising

A devastating war has defined Kosovo's image for far too long. This short-film brings to light Kosovo's new identity through the people and landscapes that are shaping it. It is a message of hope for an emerging destination on track to be the next rising star of tourism in Europe.



Love and Ceviche: Famous Matriarch Passes Along a Delicious Tradition

Step inside the story behind one of Lima's best ceviche restaurants, off-the-grid and unknown by tourists in the not-so-well-known district of Chorillos. Tia Julia's famous ceviche has become a multi-generational family business and staple for authentic local cuisine in Peru.

This film was produced by GLP Films for National Geographic and won a Food Trekking Award for Best Food Travel Media in 2017.


INKATERRA - celebrating 40 years

Since 1975, Inkaterra has hosted more than 200,000 travelers. Their commitment to conservation, luxury, and authentic travel experiences have put them at the forefront of ecotourism and sustainable development. This film celebrates Inkaterra's exemplary 40-year conservation and ecotourism legacy.

This film was produced by GLP Films in partnership with Inkaterra Hotels to support Inkaterra's 40th anniversary celebrations.


Nikkei: The Story of Chef Mitsuharu Tsumura

Go behind-the-scenes and into the life of world-renowned chef Mitsuharu Tsumura, the man behind one of the world's top 50 restaurants. Watch as he delights foodies with his unique take on Nikkei cuisine at his restaurant, Maido, in Lima, Peru. His chops and creativity in the kitchen are taking Japanese influence on Peruvian gastronomy to a whole new level. 


The Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu by Mountain Lodges of Peru - Official Trailer

Witness the 7-day trek through some of Peru's most dramatic and pristine terrain. This is one film you'll have to see to believe.

This trailer was produced by GLP Films in partnership with Mountain Lodges of Peru to support their signature adventure trek to Machu Picchu.


Peru Trailer

Join us for a true Peruvian adventure across Lima, Cusco, and Machu Picchu and venture right into the heart of Peru's food, culture, adventure, and nature scenes.


Pierre: Senegal to Brooklyn

This film takes you inside the whirlwind life and kitchen of Senegalese chef Pierre Thiam, bringing to light the tastes and sights of two very different places and the bridge Pierre is building between the two through his food. His passion for cooking and his love for where he came from is as real as the stolen wallet that started it all.