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With over a decade of experience, GLP leads the industry by putting sustainability and authentic travel experiences at the forefront of our work. GLP is a team of travel industry professionals that has worked in 40 countries, creating 200+ authentic short-films and a long list of successful global marketing campaigns. Rob Holmes, Founder and Chief Strategist, is a dynamic, inspiring, and engaging speaker that has presented at 70+ events in 20 countries.

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  • Thought-provoking and engaging — The travel industry, more than most, understands the power of high quality and thought-provoking marketing campaigns that not only increase ROI, but push the industry towards a sustainable future.

  • Valuable for all travel industry stakeholders — GLP has over a decade of experience working with all sectors of the travel, sustainable and outdoor industries. This level of knowledge means we know how to present relevant content that is meaningful to everyone in the industry.

  • CustomizeWe can speak to a variety of topics:

    • High ROI marketing campaigns on a budget, digital storytelling, working with influencers, sustainable tourism marketing solutions, earned media, and more.

  • Featuring award-winning videos and global marketing campaign case studies. Learn from our world-class examples through videos, campaigns and results.


Custom Workshops

In support of the travel trade and sustainability industries, GLP customizes their popular, engaging, and hands-on workshops to educate and support all stakeholders on the top digital content and marketing trends impacting the travel industry. Team GLP has a combined 70+ years of industry experience, which means our workshops are jam-packed with applicable tools and resources.

  • The latest research + trends — The most up-to-date research, trends, case studies, and global videos. Engaging exercises and break-out discussion groups are leveraged to further add benefit to the workshops.

  • Capacity building, stakeholder engagement and collaboration — A hub for learning, networking and collaboration for all destination stakeholders. Government, hotel, operator, corporate and non-profit will benefit from working together to create a more strategic destination marketing strategy and plan.

  • Customizable content + themes:

    • Destination marketing, ROI of storytelling, content marketing trends, distribution strategies, stakeholder engagement, storytelling key components, and more.


award-winning films & global marketing campaign case studies

GLP uses real-world examples that help all travel industry sectors gain valuable insight and tools to drive their own marketing campaign decisions. We feature award-winning films and related distribution campaign case studies as a tool for learning:

  • "Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu" (Peru) - The ultimate trekking adventure through the eye’s of a local seasoned guide. Learn how character-driven storytelling led to a significant increase in sales for a tour operator while creating a sustainable solution to the overcrowded trek to Machu Picchu. Voted #1 Adventure Travel Film of 2016.

  • "Georgia: Feast of the Senses" (Georgia) - Explore unique food and cultural experiences across this diverse and deeply rooted region of the world. In just 6 weeks, this new marketing campaign led to 5.7 million views with two videos.

  • "Empowered" (Kenya) - In this corporate CSR initiative, LifeStraw celebrates their milestone of sustainably providing safe access to clean drinking water for 1 million school children. Utilize earned media as a cost-effective way to increase awareness and sales.


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